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August 29th, 2006 · No Comments

Back in 1997, Wired ran a cover story about Apple’s demise, with only the word “Pray” set above an Apple logo surrounded by thorny wires. They had become a bloated, mis-led giant with little perspective of their customers, and they were sinking. For devoted Apple fans, it was depressing.

Read it here.

Well, now it seems like another one of our (my) beloved brands is listing the same way. Sony. Sigh… everywhere you turn on the net these days, Sony is being beaten around with the stupid stick. They just don’t seem to “get it” anymore. Or they delay a product. Or their batteries burst into flames in laptops. They have so many interests in so many areas & markets, they’ve lost the ability to coherently represent their brand in a meaningful, consistent way.

Well, Wired has struck again, breaking down many of the current issues facing the company and wondering aloud if the PS3 really can save the company – or break it for good.

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