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[Heroes] John Maeda

May 11th, 2006 · No Comments

“The greatest form of education, whatever field it may be design, education, economics, science or what not, occurs when you have the fortune of meeting great people. Period. You will find great people by being earnest in your work, humble in attitude, and doing your best in all situations. You will find great people by taking the inspiration you have received from others, and unselfishly generating new inspirations to add to the pool of common knowledge. But most importantly, you will find great people by believing that there can be greatness somewhere in the world.”

“Amidst all the attention given to the sciences as to how they can lead to the cure of all diseases and daily problems of mankind, I believe that the biggest breakthrough will be the realization that the arts, which are conventionally considered “useless”, will be recognized as the whole reason why we ever try to live longer or live more prosperously. The arts are the science of enjoying life.”

I’ve been absent from posting lately – lots of travel (which is unusual for me) – and as a result of this travel, have spent a fair amount of time interacting with other people’s amazing work. It has reminded me to pick up on something I’ve always wanted to do: think back to the beginning and document my heroes. So the next few posts will be dedicated to celebrating those who have had a large influence on my development as an artist & designer. I have a feeling I’ll be seeing a pretty revealing timeline of influences.

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