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Close to home

April 12th, 2006 · No Comments

A close friend of ours, Mark Allan, was recently diagnosed with Leukemia (AML). He is my age (32) and also has two kids under the age of 4. Their reality has changed forever, and are now dealing with all of the confusion and stress that surrounds such news. I can’t even imagine.

As a way to offer them some relief, I’ve set up a blog for them to post news about Mark’s progress, and to offer visitors (you!) a method of donating money directly to the family.It takes money – and a steady stream of it – to manage life with Leukemia, and with two kids, a mortgage, parking at the hospital, cell phone use, and lots of takeout food, when all you really want is to have your old life back.

Mark’s wife, Leslie, has been doing an amazing job adjusting their lives to this new reality, but they are running out of resources. So, friends of design, please help. Look for the “Make a Donation” button on the left-hand side of the page (linked below), and give a little or give a lot. The money goes directly into their bank account (via PayPal) and will be put to good use.


Thank you,

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