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Who Needs a Copywriter?

July 20th, 2005 · No Comments

Noun is the industry leader of leading-edge architectures.

We will step up our ability to engage without reducing our capability to visualize. If all of this seems improbable to you, that’s because it is! What does it really mean to optimize “intra-efficiently”? Imagine a combination of XSL and XSLT. It seems discombobulating, but it’s realistic! We pride ourselves not only on our functionality, but our easy administration and user-proof use.

We will revalue our power to drive without lessening our power to evolve. What does it really mean to grow “compellingly”? We often e-enable out-of-the-box user communities. That is an amazing achievement considering the current and previous fiscal year’s market!

Quick: do you have a co-branded plan of action for managing emerging relationships? We always productize end-to-end bandwidth. That is a remarkable achievement considering today’s market!

At Noun, we have come to know how to matrix intuitively. What does the term “back-end” really mean? Without methodologies, you will lack TQC. We usually orchestrate open-source relationships. That is an amazing achievement when you consider this fiscal year’s market conditions!

Your budget for orchestrating should be at least one-half of your budget for driving. Without e-tailers, you will lack process management. Think micro-macro-extensible. The action-items factor can be summed up in one word: front-end. We apply the proverb “A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush” not only to our initiatives but our ability to grow.

If you empower globally, you may have to matrix intra-intuitively. We will engineer the aptitude of applications to engage. The metrics for mindshare are more well-understood if they are not cross-platform.

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