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June 16th, 2005 · No Comments

Delettering the public space
“Summer 2005, Neubaugasse, a Viennese shopping street – For a period of two weeks all advertising signs, slogans, pictograms, company names and logos will be covered in monochrome. Something you might have seen before in the form of two-dimensional representations or photomontage is going to be translated for the first time into three-dimensionality, into the here and now reality of Vienna’s Neubaugasse, by Christoph Steinbrener und Rainer Dempf.

A commerce-supported initiative (which may be the most impressive component to this installation), with a message not unlike what Adbusters has been advocating for years. I also remember an online banner campaign by ING, when they purchased all banner ad spaces on the nytimes.com, and replaced them with simple (IGN) orange blocks of color. I appreciate the Vienna project for the opportunity it provides pedestrians to rediscover the architecture of the area, and to engage them to actively choose their commercial needs based on inquiry and investigation, instead of on the passive sell-job the signage offers.

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