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Promoting Media Awareness: Where are the Professional Designers and Ad Hacks -er, Agency Folks?

June 9th, 2005 · No Comments

Shauna and I have discussed this on several occasions (she’s an early years educator) and wondered aloud why it doesn’t *seem* to be addressed on a large enough scale in both classrooms and in our professional practice. (I may be wrong about that – any parents/educators out there hearing about media awareness being discussed in class? Or at home? Or any designers actively engaged in promoting this?) Speak Up had a great conversation a couple of weeks ago (read the comments too).

I found a Canadian resource. It has some great information and materials available for free, for use by teachers and parents. There is also a membership component: individual, small business and not-for-profit. Join now. Looking at the list of affiliated member organizations, I see mostly teacher & library associations, but very few no groups from “the other side of the fence” (like us). See the list here.

At the GDC (Society of Graphic Designers of Canada) AGM last month, we spoke of aligning the GDC with other like-minded organizations & professions in order to extend our reach in the public’s perception of our industry. I think this is an excellent initiative to be a part of and would set us apart as mindful, aware practitioners of communication (and our role in it). It would strengthen the perception people have of our industry and force us to maintain a higher level of discipline when making decisions on our work.

Yeah? No? I think yeah.

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