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Diamond Shreddies make me giggle

February 5th, 2008 · No Comments

This campaign caught me off-guard when I first caught the ad. It took a second for my brain to resolve what I was seeing, but then the giggling started and really hasn’t stopped since last night. This kind of irreverence is great – certainly more successful than the trying-too-hard Crispin Porter Bogusky campaign for Burger King (www.whopperfreakout.com). Clearly the copywriters had fun as well. In the “Recipes” section of the site, they offer tips: “* Hint – If Diamond Shreddies cereal is not available, you can substitute with square Shreddies cereal.”Reminds me in a way of the Fresca campaign from 2 years ago, where they splashed billboards everywhere touting “10 out of 10 Fresca Drinkers Prefer Fresca!” Brave clients approve ideas like these; this campaign is a reminder to keep pushing great ideas, no matter how far into outerspace they may be floating.

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