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Cherry Chocolate Rain

November 29th, 2007 · No Comments

Ok, I guess I can’t ignore this any longer. Tay Zonday is clearly insane, but may be a genius (or at least smart enough to listen to the right people). The original video showed up in April, and caused a firestorm of disbelief and laughter as it spread across the web: was this for real? In true american style, Tay made the most of his insta-fame and did a couple of TV appearances, interviews, and few more videos.

The original video wore out its welcome at the office, and was pulled out whenever one of us wanted to really irritate someone else. And so I’m guessing that one day not too long ago, a bunch of guys at an agency were going through the same experience as us, laughing and pointing and watching it over and over, when one of their clients showed up wanting to pitch a new soft drink – a chocolate cherry soft drink – and the heads of those agency guys all EXPLODED at the exact same moment, and they knew EXACTLY what they had to do. And this is what they did.

Grab a copy of the MP3 and laugh and laugh and laugh…

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