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Entries from April 2006


April 13th, 2006 · Comments Off

Vodafone’s online magazine, Receiver, chock-full of interesting stuff. Click on the ‘Archives’ for more…

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Close to home

April 12th, 2006 · Comments Off

A close friend of ours, Mark Allan, was recently diagnosed with Leukemia (AML). He is my age (32) and also has two kids under the age of 4. Their reality has changed forever, and are now dealing with all of the confusion and stress that surrounds such news. I can’t even imagine. As a way […]

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Scent Branding

April 10th, 2006 · Comments Off

This article discusses the use of scent to build brands. Not neccesarily a new concept, but maybe not quite as obviously focused as it is now. Two companies, Scent Air and International Flavors & Fragrance are quite refined in their service. Interesting ideas… what’s your brand’s scent? From: The Weekly Wire

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LG Wall-mounted Widescreen Projector

April 7th, 2006 · Comments Off

This is a beautiful solution to the cumbersome-ness of typical horizontal projectors: how to integrate them into the room? The most sensible solution for most is to build them into the ceiling somehow, but it’s not always great looking, and if it’s in a basement, they can become targets for taller people’s heads. This new, […]

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Muji: Sumi

April 6th, 2006 · Comments Off

Muji, my favorite Japanese retail store that I’ve never been to, is holding a design contest. The theme is SUMI: corner / edge / end “The objective is not to design something that is placed in the middle of the room, but towards the edges, not at the centre and not directly around the centre; […]

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Gawker Stalker: Google Maps + Celebrity Sightings.

April 4th, 2006 · Comments Off

I read Gawker regularly (good celeb fluff), one of the many blogs in the Gawker Media Network (which includes Gizmodo, Wonkette, Defamer & Kotaku). My favorite piece is the regular Gawker Stalker entry, that runs through the most interesting celebrity sightings of the past week as shared by readers of the site. Recently, Gawker introduced […]

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